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Beam Hoists / Electric Chain Hoists

Beam hoists are ideally suited to smaller sites without a Tower Crane or congested city centre construction sites with restricted unloading areas.

We can design and install a scaffold gantry built out over the pavement for delivery vehicles to pull up alongside to be offloaded.

A steel beam, is supported at high level from the scaffold extended out from the gantry. A motorised trolley is fixed to the beam, with an electric Chain Hoist suspended from it.

Materials can be lifted from the delivery vehicle, transporting them via the trolley running along the beam onto the gantry for distribution either via an additional hoist sitting on the gantry or straight into the building.

Chain Hoists can be supplied with a variety of chain lengths for varying HOL (Height of Lift) with up to 2000Kg lifting capacity. 

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Tube and Fitting or Layher System scaffolding.


With an inhouse Design Team we can offer bespoke engineered solutions for all your events.

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